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Sun King White Parabolic Reflectors

Sun King White Parabolic Reflector

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The 'Original' Sun King Parabolic Imperial White Aluminium Reflector

A Vertical Parabolic Reflector with white painted leaves available in both medium and large sizes.
Parabolic reflectors are supplied with vented top plates to disperse heat build up.
The benefits of vertical reflectors are that you can position them closer to your crops creating an even umbrella coverage without hotspots.
Please note this reflector is supplied un-assembled and will take approx 15 minutes to assemble with the supplied nuts, bolts and assembly instructions.

Medium Reflector. Diameter 80cm, Height 29cm.
Large Reflector. Diameter 100cm, Height 39cm.

• A High Quality Reflector constructed of Highly Reflective Imperial White Painted Aluminium.
• Vertical burning bulb/lamp allows you to position your reflector closer to your plants and reduce hotspots.
• Ventilated 'Heat Escape' top plate ensures minimal heat build up.
• For use with Sodium (HPS) or Metal Halide (HQI) Lamps & Bulbs up to 1000w.
• For use with Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Lamps up to 250w.
• 2 sizes available.
• Full 2 Year Warranty.

In stock for next working day delivery

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Sun King 80cm 'Medium' White Parabolic Reflector - In Stock

Price: 50.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Sun King 100cm 'Large' White Parabolic Reflector - In Stock

Price: 59.99 (Including VAT at 20%)