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Seneye Web Server & Wi-Fi Module

Seneye Web Server & Wi-Fi Module

The Seneye Web Server & Wi-Fi Module SEN000245

The seneye web server with WiFi module removes the need for a pc altogether and allows wireless connection from your seneye device to your router / modem, alternatively you can use an Ethernet over power module to work with it.

The uploads will be automatic which will make them faster and more stable, there are also a few additional alerts such as power (or lost connection) monitoring. The seneye web server will upload the data from your seneye home, reef, or pond device without the need for a pc in the house.

You will then be able to view all your readings from a computer (pc/mac), tablet or smart phone from anywhere in the world via the seneye cloud.

• Reliable connection to the seneye cloud
• Computerless operation
• Plug and play
• 4 x Expansion ports
• Mac Compatable

• Less down time and faster reactions
• Low power consumption
• Simple set up
• Ready for future add-ons
• Wi-Fi module has 100m range
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Seneye Web Server & Wi-Fi Module SEN000245 - In Stock

Price: 179.97 (Including VAT at 20%)