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110v Numatic Nuvac WV 470-2 Blue Wet and Dry 110v

110v Numatic 2021 WV470-2 Blue Nuvac Commercial Quality Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 110v & AA12 Accessory Kit

The Numatic Nuvac 2021 110v WV470-2 Blue Commercial Wet or Dry Vacuum Cleaner & AA12 Accessory Kit

This is the highly rated commercial quality Blue Numatic 110v Wet or Dry Vacuum WV470-2 which has a powerful 1060w motor and very powerful suction

The WV470-2 provides a larger alternative to the 370-380 series, with twice the capacity but to the same high performance standard be it wet or dry.

What is very important is for professional use we do not mix both the functions of wet and dry operation otherwise the result can be a container full of almost MUD which becomes difficult to empty and will be detrimental to performance.

All machines are wet or dry and the change from one to the other is designed to be simplicity itself exchanging a dry filter for a wet safety float valve and a change of floor nozzle, or vice versa.

Although twice the capacity Numatic have added a folding handle design allowing easy movement when in use whilst also allowing compact storage.

The accessory kit provides tools for both wet and dry operation with stainless steel tube sets as standard.

From early mid 2021 Numatic will be changing the cable colour of their commercial machines from Black to Yellow

• Eco Friendly Twinflow 1060w 110v Motor
• 2021 Latest Version
• 27 Litre Capacity Dry. 21 Litre Capacity Wet
• 4 Wheels for stability
• 10m Mains lead. 12.5mtr Operating Radius
• Airflow 49 litres per second
• Suction: 2400mm H20
• Energy Efficient 'B' rated
• Noise Level: 75dB
• Supply voltage: 110v
• Cleaning range 26.8m
• Carpet cleaning performance class: F
• Hard floor cleaning performance: F
• Dust re emission class: C
• Uses easy change Numatic Hepaflow NVM-3AH Bags (1 supplied with each machine)
• Dimensions: 358mm x 450mm x 710mm
• Weight: 9.6 kgs
• Colour: Blue/Black
• Supply Voltage: 110v
• Wet or Dry use
• Model: WV470-2 110v Blue
• Numatic 1 Year UK Warranty
• Manufactured in the U.K.
{Accessory Kit Components}
The Numatic AA12 32mm Accessory Kit includes:

• 1 Numatic Pro Flo 300mm Dry Brush Nozzle (32mm)
• 1 Numatic Pro Flo 300mm Wet Pich Up Nozzle (32mm)
• 1 Numatic Grey Painted Aluminium Lightweight Tube Bend with Volume Control (32mm)
• 2 Numatic Grey Painted Aluminium Lightweight Extension Tubes (32mm)
• 1 Numatic 2.4 Meter Nuflex Threaded Hose (32mm)
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110v Numatic 2021 WV470-2 Blue Nuvac Commercial Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner 110v & AA12 Kit 110v - In Stock

Price: 229.97 (Including VAT at 20%)

Pack of 10 Genuine Numatic NVM-3AH Bags - In Stock

Price: 19.97 (Including VAT at 20%)

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