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Aquarium Systems NewJet 2020 NJ400 & 600 Submersible Multi Use Pumps

The Aquarium Systems 2018 range of small NewJet NJ400 & NJ600 pumps are an energy efficient and high performance pump suitable for a variety of fresh and salt water tanks and aquariums

Tiny in size but large in convenient features these NewJet NJ400 & NJ600 pumps offer a variety of features which make it an ideal addition to your set up

The pump has a powerful monobloc rotor which despite its high performance is noiseless so convenient for use in any room in the house

Both NJ400 and NJ600 models have built in protection to avoid the motor overheating, this coupled with a sturdy rotor mean the NewJet pump is a maintenance free product

An adjustable flow rate also means you can control the flow of water to suit, creating the optimum flow through your tank or aquarium
• Compact design suitable for the smallest spaces
• Powerful yet quiet rotor
• Built in motor protection to avoid overheating
• Adjustable flow rate
• Energy efficient reliable and durable
• To be used fully submerged
• 2 year warranty
{NJ400 Spec}
NJ400 Spec:
• Dimensions: 51.45mm High x 62.4mm Deep x 45mm Wide
• Minimum water level required: 2.5cm
• 5.5 watts, 200 minimum lph flow rate to 400 maximum lph flow rate
• 12.2mm outlet diameter
{NJ600 Spec}
NJ600 Spec:
• Dimensions: 65.2mm High x 72.78mm Deep x 52.4mm Wide
• Minimum water level required: 3cm
• 9 watts, 308 lph minimum flow rate to 600 lph maximum flow rate
• 17.3mm outlet diameter
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NewJet NJ400 Multi Use Pump - In Stock

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2 x NewJet NJ400 Multi Use Pumps - In Stock

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NewJet NJ600 Multi Use Pump - In Stock

Price: 17.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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