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Kessil LED Marine Refugium Sump Light A360X

The 2021 Kessil A360X Tuna Blue Kessil 55 Degree Narrow Reflector Optional Spectral Controller XOptional Gooseneck Optional Gooseneck Bracket Optional Link Cable

The 2021 Kessil A360X Refugium LED Saltwater Aquarium Sump Light Unit

Kessil A360X Refugium LED Light Fixture with 55 Degree Narrow Reflector

The Kessil A360X Series Lights. Low Profile. Advanced Color Control. Smart Communication

Kessil's widely popular A360X series has now introduced a new model --the A360X Refugium-- designed specifically for growing soft corals, macroalgaes, flowering plants, and terrestrial plants in a refugium setting.

Created for use in harsh sump environments, the new A360X Refugium is water-resistant and includes a complimentary Kessil 55 Degree Narrow Reflector to prevent unwanted light spillage.

The A360X Refugium is also compatible with the Kessil WiFi Dongle and the Spectral Controller X (both sold separately), so you can daisy-chain it to your main tank lights and program each independently for seamless control from a single source.

The A360 Refugium includes a Narrow Reflector that will prevent unwanted light spillage in your sump. The Narrow Reflector attachment increases the penetration of the light and reduces spread to 24"x 24" from the standard 36" x 36"

Superior Illumination:
Blue Spectrum - ?The Blue spectrum quickly develops the frame of a plant during every stage by promoting prolific stem extension. Use this for refugiums with predominantly soft corals (pulsing xenia, etc).
Grow Spectrum - ?The Grow spectrum is designed to produce all-around vegetative growth through the life cycles of many different Macroalgaes. Use this for refugiums with mostly macroalgae (including, but not limited to, cheato, caulerpa, gracilaria, and dragon breath).
Bloom Spectrum? - The Bloom spectrum boosts yield by encouraging plentiful flowering during the plants crucial reproductive stage. Use this to promote growth in any flowering plants.
Red Spectrum? - The Red spectrum is designed for tissue culture and cloning by producing maximum root growth at any point in a plant's life cycle. During the finishing stage, the red spectrum also increases the plant's productivity and the quality of the harvest. This wavelength is mostly used for terrestrial plant growth.
Daylight Mode - ?A pure white channel used for illuminating your sump during cleanings or taking photos.
Green Light Mode - ?Use the green light to monitor plants without disrupting the plant's growth cycle.

Increased Durability - ?Designed for the harsh sump environments, the A360X Refugium is water-resistant.
Vortex Fan? - Our innovative heat management system enhances longevity and cooling efficiency.
Dense Matrix LED - ?Our densely-packed LED array emits more high-quality light than competing fixtures.

WiFi? - Compatible with the Kessil WiFi Dongle and the Spectral Controller X. Daisy-chain your A360X Refugium to your main tank lights and program it independently for seamless control from a single source.
Manual Mode - ?Instantly tune color and intensity for on-demand light customization.
Quick Set - ?Program your A360X Refugium to come on at night after your tank lights go off.
Daylight Mode - ?Quickly change to Daylight mode to view your Refugium in white light for viewing or cleaning.

Kessil Narrow Reflector? - The A360X Refugium includes a Narrow Reflector that will prevent unwanted light spillage in your sump. The Narrow Reflector attachment increases the penetration of the light up to 5 feet and reduces spread to 24"x 24" from the standard 36" x 36".

This state-of-the-art fixture also features the latest and most efficient patented Dense Matrix LED technology from Kessil’s parent company DiCon Fiberoptics, Inc., while adding more individual color control, so users can have unlimited color combinations for aesthetics while maintaining the performance of the core spectrum

• The A360X is a masterpiece combining years of expertises in mechanical, thermal, software, and optical

• The A360X also features a smart communication method called K-Link, which keeps the plug & play feature of 0-10V while allowing more control to users

• For mounting, it is compatible with the existing sleek looking optional Mounting Arm and the A-Series Gooseneck and Gooseneck Bracket

{Optional Spectral X Controller}
Kessil Spectral X Controller:

New Spectral Controller X
The Kessil A360X Tuna Blue LED Aquarium Light works seamlessly with the optional Kessil Spectral Controller X to control the intensity and color mix of the light throughout the day and night. With the Controller X you will be able to control the red, green & violet/indigo LEDs

• If you are not using the Controller, the A360X still has the two knobs to operate manually, just like the A360W. One knob is used to control overall intensity and the other knob the LED spectrum mix

• You can tune a preferred color within the spectral range thousands of research and testing hours determined to be the optimal spectral points

• Weight: .8 pounds (the power supply weighs an additional 1.3 pounds). Dimensions: 4.3" Diameter X 2.1" Height (dimensions do not include an additional 1" for the hanging bracket & cord clearance)

• 5'-9" power cord from light to power supply (a 5' cord plus a 9" connector attached to the light). 6' cord from power supply to wall plug

• Listed Power Supply Input 100-240 VAC 47-63 Hz Output 19 VDC. Could require a plug adapter for non-US sockets

• You may wish to also purchase a Kessil LED Light Pendant Gooseneck Clamp/Mount and the Kessil X-Series LED Light 90 Degree Gooseneck Adapter

• 1-Year Warranty
{Optional Mounting Arm}
Kessil Mounting Arm:

Kessil's Mounting Arm is a premium mounting option that allows you to install Kessil Aquarium Lights directly to your tank. The Mounting Arm is adjustable in heights and from back to front (for 18" - 24" wide tank), together with advanced cable management to house the cable inside the arm, providing a perfect and sleek mounting option for rimmed and rimless tanks
Weight 1.76 lb / 0.8kg
Dimensions ø 1" x W 12.32" - 15.43" x H 20.78"
Maximum height 17 inches above surface
{Optional Gooseneck Mount}
Kessil Gooseneck Mount:

Kessil's A Series Gooseneck is a versatile mounting option that allows you to customize the positioning of your light. Designed to be used on most glass tanks, its 24 in. malleable but sturdy arm provides a strong, adaptable solution to install your Kessil aquarium light
Weight: 1.92lb / 0.87kg
Dimensions: ø 0.6" x H 23.6"
{Optional Gooseneck Bracket}
Kessil Gooseneck Bracket:

The 90 Degree Gooseneck Bracket is designed to be used with the A Series Gooseneck to maintain a low profile look. The Bracket can be installed in less than 1 minute to the A360X or A360 and A Series Gooseneck. The 90 Degree Gooseneck Bracket will allow you to display your lights in a unique way with the already popular A Series Gooseneck
Weight: 0.13lb / 0.06kg
Dimensions: L 4.7" x W 0.8" x H 1.1"
{Optional K Link Cable}
Kessil K Link Cable:

The 90 Degree K-Link Cable connects the Kessil A360X to each other or to the Spectral Controller X
Length: 10’ (3metres)
{What is included}
{Optional Wi-Fi Dongle}
Wi-Fi Dongle:

• One Signal. Minimal Interference.
Why have a tangle of wireless signals for every light when you could only have one? Together with K-Link cables, the WiFi Dongle controls dozens of lights from one signal. This minimizes wireless interference, leading to a faster, more reliable connection
• Reliable Reception
The WiFi Dongle has passed long-term, in-depth field testing and antenna optimization to ensure reliability and efficiency. And with an extension cable, the WiFi Dongle can be easily relocated to the optimal location — perfect for retailers and canopy users
• Ease of Service
By keeping the light and its wireless capabilities separate, users can upgrade to the latest WiFi technology without replacing the entire fixture. This modularity also makes it easier to troubleshoot, further saving time and upgrade costs
• WiFi Controllability
The app gives users access to advanced manual controls and program customization, as well as the ability to sync groups of lights. Features include full color control, acclimation, lunar cycle, weather effects, and more!
• Dashboard
A summary page to see the status of all the connected Dongles and A360 in one glance
What is included:

• A360X Refugium Narrow Reflector LED Unit
• Power Adaptor
• AC Adaptor Cable 1.8mts (6ft)
• DCPower Extension Cable 1.8mts (6ft)
• Hanging Bracket x 2
• Hanging Ring
• Screw Hook x 2
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Kessil A360X Refugium LED Aquarium Sump Light - In Stock

Price: 524.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Kessil Spectral Controller X KSASC02 - In Stock

Price: 129.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Kessil Mounting Arm KSAGN02 - In Stock

Price: 64.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Kessil A Series Gooseneck KSAGN01 - In Stock

Price: 37.49 (Including VAT at 20%)

Kessil Gooseneck Bracket KSAGB90 - In Stock

Price: 19.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Kessil 90 Degree K Link Cable 10ft KSKLC90 - In Stock

Price: 34.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Kessil Wi-Fi Dongle KSAWD01-EU - In Stock

Price: 129.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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