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Jebao 2020 DCS 1200 Return Pump

The Jebao Jecod DCS-1200 Marine Aquarium Water Sump Pump with 30w Controller

Jebao Jecod DCS water pumps are designed to be ultra-quiet for submerged pump applications, ideal for use as marine sump water return pumps

Innovative electronic design which results in power savings of up to 65% over similar spec models

Included with this water pump is an 8 speed controller which allows you to control the flow rate of the pump and to stop it to allow feeding

• High performance motor with innovative electronics resulting in power savings of up to 65%
• 8 Speed Controller
• Soft start operation - pump gradually builds up to set flow rate
• Increased head of 1.5 metres over previous models
• Controller incorporates electronic detection of error conditions
• Ultra quiet
• Electronic detection of no water enables automatic power off protection
• Feed Mode, disables pump for 10 minutes
• Motor protection if rotor is blocked
• Can be used in Marine and Freshwater applications
• No copper elements
• Long operation life is achieved by the use of a wear resistant ceramic shaft
• CE Marked
• IPX8 Pump
• 12 month UK Warranty

• 2020 Model Jebao Jecod DCS-1200
• Power: 12 Watts
• Dimensions: 9.5 cm Long x 5.5 cm Wide x 8.0 cm High
• Flow rate: 1200 litres per hour
• Maximum head height of: 1.5 metres
• Voltage: DC24V
{Supplied Components}
Package Includes:

• 1 x Jebao Jecod 2020 DCS-1200 DC Pump
• 1 x 30W DC Pump Controller
• 1 x Inlet Cage
• 3 x Outlet Hosetails of 13mm, 15mm & 19mm
• 1 x 12v 0.75A UK 13A CE Plug AC/DC Adapter
• 1 x User Manual
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Jebao Jecod 2020 DCS-1200 Return Pump - In Stock

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