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Glue & Cleaner

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Glue & Solvent Cleaner

- Universal All Pressure Glue for PVC-U Pipe up to 16 Bar.
- PVC Pipe can only be glued when it is dry.
- Water, moisture or condensation will prevent a good connection.
- Do not use adhesives below 5 Degree C.
- Leave the adhesive to dry for approximately 24 hours before testing the connections.
- Clean the fitting/s and pipe ends with PVC cleaner.
- Ensure the glue is spread evenly over both parts.
- Spread the adhesive along the length of the socket from the inside out.
- Join the pipe and fitting immediately after spreading the glue.
- Remove Excess glue immediately.
- Shelf life, in a frost free location in an un opened container, is 12 months.
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PVC-U Glue 240g 146021 - In Stock

Price: 14.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

PVC-U Glue 500g 146025 - In Stock

Price: 27.37 (Including VAT at 20%)

PVC-U Cleaner 125ml 146026 - In Stock

Price: 14.28 (Including VAT at 20%)