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Corner Adaptor Brackets KRP3A for Medium Floodlight Bracket KRP3

Heavy Duty Wall Mounted Corner Adapters KRP3A for Medium Floodlight Brackets KRP3


High Quality Robust Steel Floodlight Corner Adaptor Brackets


CAB1 Adapter Brackets shown here with Floodlight Bracket FBH1 (Purchased Separately)

pic 3

Supplied with 60mm M8 Coach Screws, Washers & Heavy Duty Wall Plugs

A High Quality Set of 2 Heavy Duty Durable Steel Wall Mounted Floodlight Corner Adapter Brackets, Black Powder Coat Finish.
To be used when mounting a floodlight to a 90 Degree corner.
This bracket should be firmly fixed to a solid surface with the fixings provided or other suitable fixings.
After floodlight is positioned all fixing bolts & screws should be tightened.
Weight 1.38kg
Used in conjunction with a FBH1 Floodlight bracket found Here

Dimensions from corner of wall:
Small Bracket: 150mm
Long Bracket: 245mm

1 x Floodlight Corner Adapter Bracket Black Paint Finish KRP3A - In Stock

Price: 23.84 (Including VAT at 20%)

2 x Single Floodlight Corner Adapter Brackets Black Paint Finish KRP3A - In Stock

Price: 46.49 (Including VAT at 20%)

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