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Medium Floodlight Bracket KRP3-ZP for 70w to 120w LED Floodlights

Heavy Duty Zinc Plated Finish KRP3-ZP Medium Floodlight Brackets for 70w to 120w LED Floodlights

pic 1

High Quality Robust Steel Floodlight Bracket

pic 2

Bracket Dimensions. M8 x 25mm Bolts are supplied to fit a floodlight to the bracket.

pic 3

Supplied with 60mm M8 Coach Screws, Washers & Heavy Duty Wall Plugs

A High Quality Heavy Duty Durable Steel Wall Mounted Floodlight Bracket, Zinc Plated Finish for use with 70w to 120w LED Floodlights
Can be used with any single floodlight, either LED, Metal Halide, HPS Sodium or Mercury Vapour or Tungsten Halogen with a maximum weight of 6kgs
This bracket provides 180 degrees of horizontal adjustment
This bracket should be firmly fixed to a solid surface with the fixings provided or other suitable fixings
After floodlight is positioned all fixing bolts & screws should be tightened
Weight 1.48kg
If corner mounting is required a Corner Adaptor Bracket is to be used found Here.
Part No: KRP3-ZP

1 x Medium Floodlight Bracket Zinc Plated Finish KRP3-ZP - In Stock

Price: 39.97 (Including VAT at 20%)

2 x Medium Floodlight Brackets Zinc Plated Finish KRP3-ZP - In Stock

Price: 75.97 (Including VAT at 20%)