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Evolution Aqua Blanketweed Treatment

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Blanketweed Pond Treatment

Evolution Aqua Latest 2018 (Red Lid) Version
• Evolution Aqua Blanketweed is 100% fish, plant and wildlife safe and using it will not negatively affect any beneficial bacteria or biological filters
• It can be used in any ornamental ponds or closed bodies of freshwater and UV clarifiers do not need to be turned off when using it
• An all-natural product, the addition of Evolution Aqua Blanketweed will turn pond water white and cloudy for up to five days, but water will clear
• It is most effective in ponds with moving water, from a pump, filter, fountain or waterfall, and strong surface agitation or aeration from an airpump and airstone is recommended
• Dose Evolution Aqua Blanketweed as directed and repeat every 14 days as required
• The positive effects of using the product should be seen within 10 days of being added
• The additional use of the 'Pure' bacterial range of products from Evolution Aqua is also recommended to aid in the removal of nutrients from the water which will go on to fuel future algae growth
{Available Sizes}
Available in the following sizes:
• 800g - For ponds up to 10000 litres
• 2kg - For ponds up to 25000 litres
• 4kg - For ponds up to 50000 litres
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Evolution Aqua Blanketweed 2kg - In Stock

Price: 32.47 (Including VAT at 20%)

Evolution Aqua Blanketweed 4kg - In Stock

Price: 53.47 (Including VAT at 20%)

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