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Blagdon Inpond Pump, UV & Filter Combination

Blagdon Inpond 5-in-1 Pond Pump an instant solution for a clear & beautiful pond

This complete in-pond solution includes a pump, filter, UV clarifier, LED spotlight and also three attractive fountain feature heads

The filter also contains effective mechanical and biological filtration to keep your water clean and healthy

The 5 or 9w UV clarifier kills green water and algae. The fountain head options bring beauty to your pond. The LED spotlight also brings your pond to life after dark

Blagdon In Pond 5 in 1 Systems are the ultimate in Pond equipment

All you could need to keep your pond running smooth, all included in one easy to install unit
{How they work}
How They Work:

1. Filter. The pond water enters the unit at the inlet grills and meets a 3 stage mechanical and biological media process. Filter foams catch the waste and dirt in the water and traps it. The cleansed water then passes through polymer wool that polishes the water, quickly removing particles that make the water cloudy. The Final stage is the ceramic bio media that uses its friendly bacteria to add a final cleanse to the water. The final product being clean and clear water.

2. UV Clarifier. Located in the centre of the unit, surrounded by media, is the UV Clarifier. Once the water has been through the mechanical and Bio media above it, the water passes over the built in light, that helps to eliminate any remaining algae before the water heads to the pump. The 2000 and 3000 has a 5 Watt Bulb while the 6000 and 9000 have a 9 Watt Bulb

3. Pump. Each Unit has a powerful pond pump at its core, able of pumping water up to 3000 LPH (depending on size of unit) The pump aerates and circulates the clean and clear pond water to add essential oxygen and move the water back out into the pond via the fountain head or water feature attached to it

4 . Fountain Head options. The 2000, 3000 and 6000 5 in 1 are capable of running either a fountain or connect to a water feature, providing an avenue for the water to return to the pond. The 9000 6 in 1 allows for the fountain to be used as well as a waterfall or water feature. 3 Fountain heads are provided in the smaller units (4 provided in the 6 in 1 9000 option) The unit creates attractive fountain displays and aerates the water at the same time as effectively returning it to the pond. The movement of the water feature and fountain ensures constant aeration and added valuable oxygen to the water.

5. LED. Located next to the Fountain head is a 1 watt LED light that automatically turns on at night time and creates upright effects around the fountain head

The 9000 6 in 1 offers an additional feature
6. Waterfall. As well as powering the fountain head, the 9000 6 in 1 can provide constant running water to a waterfall at the same time

What more could you need in one unit. The In Pond systems are a revolution to the world of pond equipment.

• Complete Filtration system

• Filter, UV, Pump, Fountain Display and LED lights in one unit

• Easy to install in ponds with the convenient handle

• Pump Max flow rate up to 3000 Litres per hour

• Suitable for deep ponds up to 9000 Litres and shallow ponds up to 1670 Litres (with Koi)

• Easy to access Filter foams and ceramic rings

• 2 Grade foams in 3000, 6000 and 9000 Models.

• 5 Watt UV on 2000 and 3000 and 9 Watt on 6000 and 9000

• Flow Control on Fountain attachment

• Pump/filter includes: 3 attractive fountain features
• Mechanical & biological filter
• Polymer wool cartridge
• UV Clarifier
• Locking Handle which doubles as a carry handle for easy removal from pond
• Inlet Grills - High surface area, ideal for general pond use.
• Includes automatic night time LED spot light with pivoting feature
{Pack Contains}

Pack contains:
• Water Filter
• Pump
• LED Spotlight
• Green Water UV Clarifier
Also included:
• Super Daisy Fountain Head
• Single Daisy Fountain Head
• Water Bell Fountain Head
• Fountain Extension Pipes x 8
• Ball Joint
• 1/2 Fountain Feature Flow Control
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Blagdon Inpond 2000 Pump UV & Filter Combo 1054300 - In Stock

Price: 98.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

Blagdon Inpond 3000 Pump UV & Filter Combo 1051156 - In Stock

Price: 119.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

Blagdon Inpond 6000 Pump UV & Filter Combo 1051590 - In Stock

Price: 149.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

Blagdon Inpond 9000 Pump UV & Filter Combo 1054348 - In Stock

Price: 183.94 (Including VAT at 20%)