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Bermuda 2020 Wi-Fi Pressure Filters 20000 & 30000

20,000 Wi-Fi Filter 30,000 Wi-Fi Filter

Bermuda's 2020 20,000 and 30,000 Wi-Fi Pressure Filter and UVC is a complete filtration system with both mechanical and biological filtration all controlled by Wi-Fi on your phone

• A breakthrough in pond filtration, this is a self cleaning pond filter that is all controlled automatically - what more could you want - sponges can be cleaned at the swipe of a finger on a mobile device while hands remain dry and clean

• Making it even easier to ensure that your pond water stays crystal clear, the Wi-Fi controlled pressure filter uses biological, mechanical and ultra violet filtration to help keep your pond water healthy and clear

• The filter boasts an auto cleaning function, which can be controlled from the comfort of your own home with the downloadable mobile app, which lets you control, clean and oversee the filter without getting your hands dirty

• This Bermuda PondLink comes in two sizes, and is designed to be a complete Automatic Self-Cleaning Pond Filter, giving you easy control of the filter, UV, and pump, all from your mobile, just using their app

• There is a choice of manual or automatic cleaning, so you can go with the easy option, or get stuck in and clean it through yourself if you need to

• Being a pressurised unit water can be pumped uphill out of the unit to feed watercourses or return to the pond while the filter remains hidden (pumps availabe separately)

• There is also an included UV integrated within the filter unit, giving you everything you need for optimum cleaning

• A powerful integrated 36 or 55 watt stainless steel ultraviolet clarifier helps to eradicate green water problems, while two additional power outlets within the filter, complete with timers allow additional devices such as pumps and other accessories to be plugged in together and also controlled through the Wi-Fi link app

• Through the app you can control the automatic cleaning timer, whether you choose to manually clean it, control the UV-C timer, and control the connected pumps to the power sockets

• There is also an alarm built in, so if there were a malfunction of the UV, valve or a motor failure, you will be notified instantly

• The efficient return flush, with built in smart valve, means there is an adjustable level of water saving, this all comes with a two year warranty as well, giving you great water quality, as well as peace of mind

• There are two sizes of Pond Link to choose from, so you can be sure it suits your system, Pond Link 20000 - 36w UV, with a required flow rate of 13,000 litres per hour and PondLink 30000 - 55w UV, with a required flow rate of 16,000 litres per hour

• 20,000 or 30,000 Litres per hour
• Control by app. on your device
• Placeable Above or Below Ground
• 2 Year UK Warranty
• Mechanical & Biological Filtration
• Manual or Auto Cleaning Functions
• Integrated UV Clarifier
• PondLink Wireless - Controllable via Mobile App
• Easy to set up

20000 Model:
• Maximum pond volume (without fish): 20,000 Litres (4400 Gallons)
• Maximum pond volume (with fish): 10,000 Litres (2200 Gallons)
• Maximum pond volume (with koi): 5,000 Litres (1100 Gallons)
• Maximum Flow: 13,000 Litres per hour (2860 Gallons per hour)
• UV: 36w
• Filter Volume: 50 Litres
• Thread size: 2"
• Hose Adapter: Inlet 40mm, Outlet 50mm, Backflush 32/40mm
• Dimensions: 45cm x 45cm x 55cm
• Product code: BER4001

30000 Model:
• Maximum pond volume (without fish): 30,000 Litres (6600 Gallons)
• Maximum pond volume (with fish): 15,000 Litres (3300 Gallons)
• Maximum pond volume (with koi): 7,500 Litres (1650 Gallons)
• Maximum Flow: 16,000 Litres per hour (3520 Gallons per hour)
• UV: 55w
• Filter Volume: 75 Litres
• Thread size: 2"
• Hose Adapter: Inlet 40mm, Outlet 50mm, Backflush 32/40mm
• Dimensions: 45cm x 45cm x 71.5cm
• Product code: BER4002
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Bermuda 2020 20,000 Wi-Fi Pressure Filter BER4001 - In Stock

Price: 495.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Bermuda 2020 30,000 Wi-Fi Pressure Filter BER4002 - In Stock

Price: 530.71 (Including VAT at 20%)