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Bermuda 2020 6000 & 9000 Pond Pump & Filter Kits

The 2020 Bermuda Pond Pump & Filter Kits 6000 & 9000

- The Bermuda Pond Filter Kit makes pond filtration easy, including the right, pump, filter
and ultra violet clarifier to clear water in small to medium garden ponds

- The filter box can be part buried for discrete placement and sponges cleaned at the pull of a handle

• Pump, Filter, UV, Hose and Clips All Included
• Mechanical and Biological Filtration Combined
• Elegant Appearance and Practical Design
• Pump and UV can be Run Continuously 24 Hours Per Day
• Built In Powerful Ultra Violet Clarifier to Tackle Green Water
• High Efficiency and Long Life
• Can be buried in the ground up to its lid
• Easy to Clean Sponges
• 5 Metres of Ribbed & Kink Free Hose Supplied
• Capable of a High Flow of Water
• Foam Free Solids Handling Pump
• 12 Month Guarantee
• Simple to Use and Maintain
• Ideal Filter System for Small Ponds Containing Fish
• Super Quiet Performance
• Instruction & Maintenance Manual Supplied

Model 6000: Pump Code BER0401
Maximum Pond Volume: 6000 litres per hour/1320 gallons per hour
Pump Output: 1500 litres per hour
Power: 25 Watts
UV Power: 9 Watts

Model 9000: Pump Code BER0402
Maximum Pond Volume: 9000 litres per hour/1980 gallons per hour
Pump Output: 2000 litres per hour
Power: 43 Watts
UV Power: 11 Watts
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Bermuda 2020 Pond Pump & Filter Kit 6000 BER0401 - In Stock

Price: 129.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Bermuda 2020 Pond Pump & Filter Kit 9000 BER0402 - In Stock

Price: 149.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

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