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Aquaforest Phosphate Minus 1000ml & 5000ml

Aquaforest Phosphate Minus:
• A High quality phosphate and silica removal media that can be used in a fluidized reactor for fresh and saltwater tanks
• During absorption it reduces phosphates and silicates in marine and freshwater aquariums
• Phosphate Minus should be placed in flow filters in 25-100 ml for 100 l (27 US gal.) of water in marine aquarium or 200l (54 US gal.) in freshwater aquarium
• Effectively reduce excess phosphate and silicate levels for a clean, healthy aquarium environment
• Aquaforest Phosphate Minus granulated ferric hydroxide is produced under laboratory conditions to ensure highest quality and performance
• Reduces phosphate and silicates (nutrients that can fuel aggressive nuisance algae growth) in freshwater and marine aquariums
{Instructions for Use}
Instructions for Use:
• Place Aquaforest Phosphate Minus in a media bag and place in your filter or in an area of high water flow
• Use in a fluidised reactor such as the Aquaforest Media Reactor to maximise media performance
• After implementing Phosphate Minus, you should test your phosphate levels for decreasing values. After a few weeks, your tanks phosphate levels will start to rise back up, and that is when the media should be replaced. With different feeding habits and bioloads, the length of time Phosphate Minus should be used will be different for each tank
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