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ATI 2020 Absolute Ocean Concentrated Ultra Pure Seawater


ATI Absolute Ocean Concentrated Ultra Pure Seawater Mix containing all Major and Minor Trace Elements

• Absolute Ocean is a revolutionary concentrate of seawater x 8.33 fold, with unsurpassed benefits in purity and consistency for replicating the exact make up of seawater

• Absolute Ocean is made from analytical grade chemicals, making it perfectly suitable for the start of a salt water aquarium, for regular water changes and to get rid of pollutants and impurities

• Its liquid form makes it possible to adjust the quantity of major and minor trace elements so precisely that Absolute Ocean will always replicate the form of natural seawater. This process used is so precise that the finished solution can even serve as seawater multi-reference solution

• The unsurpassed replication of natural seawater and the high purity of Absolute Ocean makes it ideal for changing water or rebooting and any seawater application

The Advantages:
• ICP lab tested from the raw material to the end product on every batch
• Consistency of the purest ingredients, contains no contaminants
• Meets exactly the element concentrations of natural seawater consistently
• Ideal to adjust the salinity

Highest Purity, No Contaminants
Absolute Ocean is composed of Laboratory tested pure salts and therefore the end result is always of extremely high purity.

The production process is continuously monitored by our laboratory. As a result, all impurities can be excluded.

Perfectly Balanced Composition
The liquid Absolute Ocean is superior to any conventional salt mixture in terms of homogeneity.

Due to the high-precision ICP measurements, we not only precisely set all of the quantity concentrations, but also the trace element concentrations to the exact point.

Even the lowest trace element concentrations, such as vanadium at 1.5 µg / l (1.5 millionths of a gram), are found in Absolute Ocean as well as in natural seawater.

Easy, Fast and Safe to use
Absolute Ocean only needs to be simply diluted accordingly with the amount of RO required. The result is instant seawater which is immediately clear and ready for use.

Since Absolute Ocean is a concentrate, there is no waiting time for the salts to dissolve. Just dilute, done. This saves time and you are always able to recreate seawater in seconds.

Due to the make up of Absolute Ocean you can be sure not to experience unwanted fluctuations as they may occur in general salt mixtures. Our laboratory always ensures consistency and controlled high quality of the product
{How To Use}
How To Use:

• Use a water container suitable to contain the amount of seawater you need to produce

• Fill with the required amount of RO Water required

• Then addequal amounts of Absolute Ocean 1 (AO1) and Absolute Ocean 2 (AO2)

• To achieve the best results use RO/DI water with a conductivity of less than 0 µS

To calculate the amount of the two compounds required to mix the amount of required seawater as below:

• To produce 1 litre of seawater use 880ml of RO water and 60ml of AO1 and 60ml of A02
• To produce 2 litres of seawater use 1.76 lts of RO water and 120ml of AO1 and 120ml of A02
• To produce 3 litres of seawater use 2.64 lts of RO water and 180ml of AO1 and 180ml of A02
• To produce 5 litres of seawater use 4.40 lts of RO water and 300ml of AO1 and 300ml of A02
• To produce 10 litres of seawater use 8.80 lts of RO water and 600ml of AO1 and 600ml of A02
• To produce 15 litres of seawater use 13.2 lts of RO water and 900ml of AO1 and 900ml of A02
• To produce 20 litres of seawater use 17.6 lts of RO water and 1.2 lts of AO1 and 1.2 lts of A02
• To produce 25 litres of seawater use 22.0 lts of RO water and 1.5 lts of AO1 and 1.5 lts of A02
• To produce 30 litres of seawater use 26.4 lts of RO water and 1.8 lts of AO1 and 1.8 lts of A02
• To produce 50 litres of seawater use 44.0 lts of RO water and 3.0 lts of AO1 and 3.0 lts of A02
• To produce 100 litres of seawater use 88.0 lts of RO water and 6.0 lts of AO1 and 6.0 lts of A02
• To produce 170 litres of seawater use 149.6 lts of RO water and 10.2 lts of AO1 and 10.2 lts of A02

Absolute Ocean will produce seawater with the following values at element concentrations at 35 PSU, (natural seawater values in brackets):

• KH 7.5° dKH ± 0,2 (7° dKH)
• pH 8,2 ± 0,2 (8,2)
• Chloride 19800 mg/l ± 1.5% (19800 mg/l)
• Sodium 11035 mg/l ± 1.5% (11035 mg/l)
• Magnesium 1313 mg/l ± 1.5% (1313 mg/l)
• Sulfer 929 mg/l ± 1.5% (929 mg/l)
• Calcium 421 mg/l ± 1.5% (421 mg/l)
• Potassium 408 mg/l ± 1.5% (408 mg/l)
• Bromine 68 mg/l ± 1.5% (68 mg/l)
• Strontium 8,1 mg/l ± 2% (8,1 mg/l)
• Boron 4,5 mg/l ± 2% (4,5 mg/l)
• Flourine 1,3 mg/l ± 2% (1,3 mg/l)
• Lithium 172 µg/l ± 10 µg/l (172 µg/l)
• Rubidium 120 µg/l ± 10 µg/l (120 µg/l)
• Iodine 70 µg/l ± 4 µg/l (64 µg/l)
• Molybdenium 12 µg/l ± 2 µg/l (12 µg/l)
• Barium 8 µg/l ± 2 µg/l (8-10 µg/l)
• Phosphorous < 10 µg/l ± 10 µg/l (variable)
• Vanadium 1,4 µg/l ± 0,4 µg/l (1,4 µg/l)
• Zinc 1 µg/l ± 0,4 µg/l (0,4-2 µg/l)
• Nitrate< 0.1 ng/l (1 mg/l)
• Other trace elements greater than or equal to 1 µg/l

• Store Absolute Ocean above 10 Deg C. At lower temperatures crystals can form in AO 1

• Crystals should be completely dissolved, to do this warm and shake AO 1 until all crystals are gone
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ATI 10990 Absolute Ocean 2 x 2.04 Litre. Bottles 1 & 2 to make 34 litres - In Stock

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ATI 10986 Absolute Ocean 2 x 10.2 Litres Bottles 1 & 2 to make 170 litres - In Stock

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