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50w LED Sump Lights

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Fastlight 50w UFO LED Full Band Spectrum Sump Light

- After considerable research these LED Sump lights are manufactured to our exact specification to ensure the best possible quality, reliability and performance for growing caulerpa in sumps
- The specification is almost identical to the worlds best selling LED growlight the current 2018 v6 Lighthouse Blackstar LED to provide a full spectrum design to stimulate plant growth by emitting an electromagnetic spectrum ideal for photosynthesis
- This latest generation grow light is the evolvement of over 6 months Research & Development to improve power, growing capability and reliability to enable us to offer a full 3 year warranty on this product

Please note one of the LED's in this product is not as bright as the others, this is perfectly ok and is the 850Nm Infra Red LED

- These grow lights represent the most lumens per watt of any LED grow light currently in production
- Full spectrum colours and beam angles ensure maximum penetration
- UK next day supply and 3 year warranty
- Built in replaceable cooling fan/fans
- 3 or 4 leg hanging wire kit is supplied
- True electrical consumption & output
- UK 13a rated fused Plug & IEC connector is supplied

Size: 175mm Diameter x 60mm High.
LED Lifespan: 50,000 Hours +
Power Factor: >0.98
Voltage: AC85 - 265v U.K. 13a Plug Supplied
Body Colour: White
Weight: 1.2kgs

Wavelength & Quantity of LED's. 50 x 1w.
8 x 1w 460nm Blue (120 Degree Beam Angle)
22 x 1w 630nm Red (90 Degree Beam Angle)
15 x 1w 630nm Red (120 Degree Beam Angle)
2 x 1w 660nm Deep Red (120 Degree Beam Angle)
1 x 1w 850nm Infra Red (120 Degree Beam Angle)
2 x 1w 12,000k White (120 Degree Beam Angle)

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50w Fastlight UFO LED High Quality Sump Grow Light - In Stock

Price: 69.62 (Including VAT at 20%)

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