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120w Premium LED Slimline Floodlights

120w Fastlight Premium LED Slimline High Quality Commercial Floodlight

120w Commercial Premium Quality LED Floodlight

• Latest Generation 2018 Version
• Premium Quality & Super Bright SMD Chips
• Slimline & High Power
• 11142 Lumens (6k) (6000k) Pure Daylight White
• 3 Year Warranty
• Fitted 2 metre rubber sheathed cable

This high quality 120 Watt LED (light emitting diode) high powered flood light has a similar light output to a traditional 250w Metal Halide, 250w High Pressure Sodium or 1200 watt Tungsten Halogen floodlight but with a power consumption of only 120 watts and can provide an electrical usage cost saving of over 55%

Compact and streamlined in design these latest generation floodlights can be used in many demanding lighting applications for a fit and forget 50000 + hour (15 year) service life

With a robust Acrylonitrile housing and Aluminium alloy corrugated fin heatsink designed to increase the cooling area whilst reducing weight, this floodlight also features a high quality, high efficiency constant current LED driver ensuring light stability and greatly reduced power consumption

The high quality SMD LED light source provides low light decay, with high colour rendering, delivering stable light colour and low glare

This floodlight contains no mercury, lead, or hazardous substances and produces no UV, infrared or radiation
Product Features:

• Floodlight housing shell manufactured in an Acrylonitrile co-polymer, which is good at both low and high temperature with good dimensional stability, anti corrosive, resistant to rust and durable for an extended service life
• Quality LED driver with over current and over voltage protection, short circuit and over heating protection built in
• Integral thermal conductivity heat pipes for excellent heat dissipation
• Integral Aluminium heat sink adopting ultra thin aluminium corrugated profile technology, light weight, good heat dissipation and high reliability
• All bolts and screws manufactured in SAE 304 Stainless Steel for durability & long service life
• Quality pure aluminium optically designed diffused reflector for maximum reflector output and performance with a light reflection rate of 99%
• Gland entry point is prewired with 2mts of 3 core flexible HO5 RR/N-F tough rubber cable
• Lens made of toughened glass, durable with exceptional light transmittance
• Adjustable stirrup bracket for ease of insallation and beam positioning
• No lamp replacement during the 50000 + hour floodlight service life
• Can be turned on/off 90000 times
• Can also be switched by PIR and Photocell controls (not included)
• Silent in start up and operation
• Ultra low running temperature
• Robust foam & cardboard packing for safe shipment
Technical Specification:

• Compliance: CE - RoHS - FCC - TUV
• Certified Ingress Protection: IP65. Waterproof and Weatherproof
• Operating Temperature: - 40°C / + 55°C
• Colour Temperature: Neutral-Cool White (4000k) or Pure-Daylight White (6000k)
• Input Voltage: 100-240v AC 50/60Hz
• Rated Power: 120 watts
• Power Efficiency: >0.95
• Conversion Efficiency: 92%
• Emission Temperature: 65° against a traditional 250w floodlight of 700°
• Light Decay: 3% against a traditional 250w floodlight of 65%
• Lifespan: 50000 + hours against a traditional 250w floodlight of 8000 hours
• Energy Consumption: 48%+ against a traditional 250w floodlight
• LED Type: High Quality SMD Chipsets
• Lux Output: 1M=2986 Lux, 3M=332 Lux, 5M=119 Lux, 10M=29 Lux, 12M=21 Lux
• Beam Angle: 100°
• Colour Rendering Index: Ra80 against traditional 250w floodlight of Ra60
• Lumen Light Output: Neutral White - 10585 Lumens. Pure White - 11142 Lumens
• Material: Acrylonitrile, Stainless Steel (SAE 304) & Aluminium
• Weight: 5.85 kgs
• Dimensions: 315mm High x 310mm Wide x 121mm Deep
• Warranty: 3 years

• Commercial • Industrial • Exterior Lighting • Amenity Lighting • Sports Facilities • Farms & Dairy's • Car Parks • Security Areas • Remote Locations • General Access • Marine Lighting • Architectural Features • Storage Areas • Construction Sites • Roadway Lighting • Equestrian Areas
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