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Newa Newjet Submersible Small Pumps

Newa Newjet NJ1200 Multi Use Pump - In Stock

Price: 24.93 (Including VAT at 20%)

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Pumps NJ800 & NJ1200.

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1. Adjustable flow.
2. Acessories included for external use.
3. special inlet with protection grid included.
4. Monobloc rotor with fixed shaft and bushes.
5. Fully rotational outlet power head (optional).

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Newa Newjet NJ800 & NJ1200 Submersible Multi Use Pumps

- This miniaturised pump runs silently and maintenance-free.
- Adjustable flow.
- High performance with low power consumption.
- May be used externally or submerged.
- Waterpoof outlet.
- Silent, versatile, low maintenance single block rotor.
- Protected motor will not overheat.
- Optional foam filter available.
- By removing the flowrate regulation system and installing the supplied special grate inlet, it is possible to obtain a cheap, effective filter.
- The rotary inlet enables you to regulate the water flowrate.
- Single block rotor with fixed axle and vanes, adjustable deflector.
- 220/240v 50Hz Supply Voltage.
- Dimensions. 75mm Long x 50mm Wide x 65mm Height to top of pump and 80mm to top of outlet.

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