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2020 Tunze Turbelle 6020 Nanostream Circulation Pump


Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 (6020.000.G) Latest 2020 Model

A Genuine UK product covered by a UK Warranty

The Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 is a neat, compact circulation pump for aquariums from 40 to 250 litres in size

The gentle circulation of the Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 combined with lower energy consumption, brings an entirely new and innovative concept to the hands of aquarium hobbyists worldwide

The pump comes with a 3D water jet and unique silence holder

Can be easily hidden behind tank decoration and thus ensure the harmonious overall appearance of a small aquarium, absolutely ideal for aqua scaping

Due to the special flow deflector + magnet holder is the wide waterjet has a 3D adjustability at the pump outlet

The Turbelle Nanostream from Tunze provides a water flow of approx 2500 litres per hour, an energy consumption of only 4w and a state of the art magnet holder

The Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 has been manufactured using Tunze's highest quality materials, all sourced in-house by the brand

Containing a large intake strainer for the sucked in water, pollution within the tank is minimized

The compact diameter of the pump measures just 72mm in size and features an ergonomic ball-shaped design that remains discreet inside the tank allowing it to be hidden behind other tank decorations, for superb aquascaping results

The Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 can be mounted to anywhere in the tank and won't come into direct contact with the glass pane, eradicating any vibration, thus ensuring a silent performance

The Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 is the perfect high performance circulation pump for small and nano sized aquariums

• For aquariums from 40 to 250 liters (10 to 66 USgal.).
• Flow rate: approx. 2500 l/h (660 USgal./h)
• Energy consumption: 4w
• Voltage / frequency: 230V/50Hz (115V/60Hz)
• Cable length: 2 m (78.7 in.)
• Dimensions : 65 x 60 x 72 mm (2.6 x 2.4 x 2.8 in.)
• Outlet: Outlet ø40 mm (1.6 in.)
• Magnet Holder with Silence clamp up to a glass thickness of 12 mm (1/2")
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