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Reef Crystals Marine Salt 20kg Buckets

Reef Crystals Salt Pic

Reef Crystals®, an enriched sea salt mixture, contains a supplementary dose of calcium, vitamins and selected trace elements

• Developed for use in refined reef tanks, it was the first enriched sea salt formulation available to amateurs

• The introduction of important compounds at higher concentrations than in natural seawater ensures longer availability of the substances assimilated and quickly used up in a flourishing reef aquarium

• A special additive helps to eliminate surplus heavy metals, like copper, which are often found at excessive levels in flourishing reef aquariums. Each batch is analysed to guarantee its composition and uniformity

• 20 kgs prepares 600 litres of marine water

• Additional calcium that enables Reef organisms to form their shells or skeletal structures
• Additional trace elements that provide additional important nutritional elements
• Additional vitamins that promote the optimal growth and survival of corals, anemones, algae, etc.
• A neutraliser that eradicates the dangers presented by the heavy metals in the domestic water supply
• Reef Crystals represents a significant improvement in the field of aquarium maintenance
• Fully compatible with all salt water aquariums, it presents no danger to animals which are not specifically Reef-dwelling

• Temperature: 25 Deg C
• Specific Gravity: 1024
• Calcium: 450 mg/l
• Magnesium: 1300 mg/l
• KH: 9 Deg dH
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1 x 20kg Bucket Reef Crystals Marine Reef Salt - In Stock

Price: 49.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

2 x 20g Buckets Reef Crystals Marine Reef Salt - In Stock

Price: 94.98 (Including VAT at 20%)