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Lumatek 250w Digital Dimmable Electronic Ballast

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2019 Model Lumatek 250w Electronic Digital Ballast.
5 year Manufacturer Warranty and Next Working Day Delivery.
The World's 'Number 1' Selling Ballast.

Lumatek Electronic Digital Ballasts are the most advanced lighting solution for modern horticulture. Small, compact, and completely silent these digital electronic ballasts are able to deliver more lumens while using less electricity than standard magnetic ballasts.

Unlike traditional ‘core and coil’ magnetic ballasts, Lumateks are microprocessor-controlled and able to evaluate and compensate for the actual state of lamp degradation and voltage fluctuations in power supply from your local grid. This means that Lumateks are able to provide a precise controlled output voltage to the lamp ensuring optimum PAR levels are achieved.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Electronic ballast for use with 150w,175w or 250 High Pressure Sodium or Metal Halide Lamps
Voltage: 230V 50/60Hz
Current: 1.13A
Input Power: 260w
Output power: 250w
Power factor: >0.99
Voltage range: 165 to 265v
THD: <8%
Lamp CCF: <1.7
Operating frequency: High Frequency
No audible noise, no flicker
Environment temperature: -25 to 50 °C (-13 to 122 °F)
Enclosure temperature rise: (?t) 25 °C (77 °F)
Environment IP require: >IP23
Internal radio frequency shielded - The 'Best' in the industry
Unique graduated fin design for more efficient cooling
Completely wired with 2.5m mains lead & fitted 13a plug
Short flylead to 10A IEC plug for reflector connectivity
Best warranty in the industry - 3 years full + 2 years priorated
Internal resin coating protects components for long life
External breaker system protects against power surges

To light a 150w lamp; Set control to 150w.
To light a 175w lamp; Set control to 175w or dim to 150w.
To light a 250w lamp; Set control to 250w and boost output by 10% by switching to ‘Super Lumens’ or dim down to 175w or 150w.

Why choose Lumatek over Magnetic Ballasts?

Up to 30% more light, faster growth, larger harvests.
Lumatek Electronic Digital Ballasts are voltage regulators. This means they maintain the same light output regardless of the voltage fluctuations of your local grid. This is the opposite of old style magnetic ballasts, which will dim according to to the draw of heavy electrical loads in your area.
The Lumatek stable output will optimize the par light spectrum as designed by the lamp manufacturer for that power.
Lumatek Ballasts have better power management, this means savings on cost of power consumption. Lumatek require less power to drive lamps.
Dimmable or Dual Wattage Lumateks as they are also called have power adjustment controls to provide flexibility. This is better for temperature control of the growing environment and allows a choice of lamps to be used over the lifetime of the Lumatek Ballast.
Dimmable Lumateks can provide better control of light intensity. This is particularly usefull when introducing young plants to HID lighting as it helps to prevent shock and burn on seedling such as lettuce etc.
Lumatek Ballasts both the Dimmable and Super Lumen range are microprocessor controlled and feature a Super Lumen control setting. This provides a boost of almost 10% more lumens, ultimately, more light, more yield.!!!

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