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Kessil LED Aquarium Light A80 Tuna Blue Tuna Sun or H80 Tuna Flora

Kessel A80 Tuna Blue Kessel A80 Tuna Sun Kessel Tuna FloraSupplied Gooseneck Bracket Optional Spectral Controller

Kessil A80 2021 Tuna Blue, Tuna Sun & H80 Tuna Flora LED Lights, Kessil's most efficient LED Module yet

The Kessil A80 is a latest generation 2021 Compact LED light available for either Marine Reef & Invert setups (A80 Tuna Blue & H80 Tuna Flora for Plant Growth) or for Freshwater Tropical Tanks (A80 Tuna Sun)

For a limited time only these LED Lights will be supplied with the A80 Mini 250mm Gooseneck at no extra cost (RRP £29.95)

A80 Tuna Blue - The Kessil A80 Tuna Blue is perfect for Saltwater nano mixed reef tanks, most soft coral tanks, and fish only tanks
A80 Tuna Sun - The Kessil A80 Tuna Sun is perfect for Freshwater planted tanks and fish and planted tanks
H80 Tuna Flora - The Kessil H80 Tuna Flora is perfect for sumps and refugiums for growing many different types of algae, most notably Chaetomorpha and Caulerpa

• The design of the A/H80 integrated the body as the actual heat sink for the module allowing for fanless operation making it totally silent
• The LEDs in the A/H80 are packed into Kessil's Dense Matrix array allowing for deep penetration and high power output while giving you control over the intensity and overall colour
Design & Technical:
• Innovative heat dissipation heat sink allows for fanless, low maintenance, shell-shaped design
• Advanced optics create smooth color mixing and a beautiful shimmer
• Dense Matrix LED Array. The unique efficient Dense Matrix LED Array is built in house at Kessil and packs high power and deep penetration onto a single small chip
• Utilizing carefully designed optics and the Dense Matrix array, the A/H80 provides the most light per watt of any fixture Kessil have built so far
• The result of years of research and testing, the aquarist specific spectrums ensure vibrant coloration and prolific growth
• Dimmable by using the manual dials on the fixture to quickly set the spectrum and intensity for a personalized look or use your favorite 0-10V controller (Apex or GHL)
• Kessil Logic maintains consistent output no matter the spectrum
• Daisy-chain multiple lights for seamless control from a single source

Kessil Logic ™ After many years of R&D, Kessil Logic™ can be found on all of Kessil's LED lights. The A/H80 allows you to fine tune the overall color and intensity that the light puts out while keeping a spectrum that will be optimal for the multiple spectrums and intensities
Kessil Logic keeps the overall light output balanced
{Optional Spectral Controller}
Optional Spectral Controller:
• Equipped with flawless touch control and a vivid colour display, the optional Spectral Controller is effortless light control at the touch of your fingertips
• Its straightforward approach to light control programming allows for endless customization options without the confusion
• The sleek, modern design ensures a beautiful and cohesive setup that won't disrupt the look of your aquarium
• Each controller is equipped with two separate 0-10V-output ports. Each port can control its own independent set of lights; whether it's two groups of lights on one aquarium, a display and refugium, or multiple tanks, a single controller links it all together
• Features two ways of setting a customized light schedule to match individual tank needs
Quick Set:
• Create unique dawn and dusk effects by altering light intensity and colour throughout six different time points
Acclimation Mode:
• Simplify the introduction of new lights to a tank or new corals to an existing setup with acclimation mode
• The acclimation timeline can be customized to suit your specific needs
• Dimensions: 4.88" x 0.98" (Diameter x Height)
• Coverage: Up to 24" Surface Diameter
• Power Supply: 100-240V AC (input) 24V DC (output)
• Power Consumption: 15 Watts
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Kessil KS A80 -TB Tuna Blue LED Light c/w Gooseneck - In Stock

Price: 164.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Kessil KS A80 -TS Tuna Sun LED Light c/w Gooseneck - In Stock

Price: 164.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Kessil KS H80 -TF Tuna Flora LED Light c/w Gooseneck - In Stock

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Kessil A Series Gooseneck KSAGN01 - In Stock

Price: 37.49 (Including VAT at 20%)

Kessil Spectral Controller X KSASC02 - In Stock

Price: 129.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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