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Genio Calcium Reactors

Genio High End Calcium Reactors

The Genio High End Calcium Reactor - Smallest Possible Footprint

Genio Ca Master reactors are designed for easy installation and safe operation
in marine tanks. Their small footprint makes the reactors ideal for all sumped
tanks, even those with small dimensions. An internal installation is recommended
in case of leakage. The reactors are manufactured in high quality acrylic. All
materials used in the construction are suitable for use in a marine aquarium.

The Ca Master reactor circulation is from the bottom up via the circulation
pump. The circulation pump draws water in from the centered inlet tube (top to
bottom) and then re circulates it in the lower part of the reactor underneath the
lower fluidisation plate. In this way, a closed internal circulation is generated in
the reactor, which fluidizes the media (from the bottom to the top).
Un-dissolved gasses will naturally accumulate in the upper part of the reactor.
The inlet tube of the circulation pump has a specially designed gas recirculation
feature, which enables the circulation pump to draw in water for circulation and
also accumulated gas from the gas collection trap.

• 2 models available: Ca Master 120DC and Ca Master 160DCT Turbo
• German design and engineered
• Domed shaped lid to maximise gas recirculation
• pH probe holder integrated in lid
• Smallest possible footprint
• Base integrated variable speed DC driver pump
• Extra large bubble counter
• Suitable for tanks up to 800 Litres / 1000 Litres
• 3.5 kg / 4.5kg filling volume
• Not recommended for external use.
Model: Genio Ca Master 120 DC - For tanks up to 800 litres
Dimensions: 49cm x 14cm x 14cm
Filling Volume: 3.5kgs
Power Consumption: 12 - 20w (8 Speed controller)

Model: Genio Ca Master 160 DCT Turbo - For tanks up to 1500 litres
Dimensions: 49cm x 18cm x 18cm
Filling Volume: 4.5kgs
Power Consumption: 18 - 28w (10 Speed controller)
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Genio Ca Master 160 DCT Turbo Calcium Reactor GEN160 - In Stock

Price: 434.90 (Including VAT at 20%)