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Charles Austen 2021 ETD Linear Dual Pump Air Pumps

Charles Austen 2020 ETD 150 & 200 litres per minute Dual Pump Air Blower - Compressor Pumps

The ETD series range of dual pump air pumps ensures that there is plenty of water movement in wastewater applications due to Dual Pumps within the single casing

This boosts oxygen levels in the water, allowing aerobic bacteria to decompose, the ETD series offer high flow from a small footprint and offer a useful alternative to expensive and ineffective rotary vane and side channel blowers

Wastewater & sewage treatment systems are typical applications for the ETD range, this can span from domestic to commercial tanks, ideal for breaking up sewage water in septic tanks

• Dual Pumps
• Low cost, exceptionally reliable air pumps with long service intervals
• Weather proof casing for external use
• UL and CE approved
• 2 Year UK Warranty

Please note diaphragms and filters should be changed on an 18 month cycle

• Product Type: Air Blower
• Performance: 150 or 200 litres per minute flow rate
• Pressure: 0.12 bar
• Connector Size: 18mm (Brass Connector, Rubber hose and clips are supplied)
• Power: 150 - 130w, 200w - 160w
• Dimensions: 360mm Long x 220mm Wide x 200m High
• Weights: 150 - 12.6kgs, 200 - 13.6kgs
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Charles Austen ETD150 Linear Dual Pump Air Pump - In Stock

Price: 259.97 (Including VAT at 20%)

Charles Austen ETD200 Linear Dual Pump Air Pump - In Stock

Price: 289.97 (Including VAT at 20%)

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