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Blagdon Minipond 9000 Box Filter with 5w UVC

The Blagdon 9000 Midipond Pond Filter and Ultra Violet Clarifier for ponds up to 9000 litres

The MiniPond 9000 is a gravity fed box filter that features multi stage filtration for the ultimate clean, it is perfect for fish free ponds up to 9000 litres in capacity, with a flow rate of 2550 litres per hour

The 5 watt Ultra Violet integral lamp treats the passing water and forces single algae cells to clump together, which makes them much easier to filter out. This reduces the risk of algae problems such as green water

Next the water passes through top quality filter pads that trap dirt and grime, these pads can be rinsed for cleaning. Biological filter media then helps remove an excess of nitrates, ammonia and other elements thanks to a growth of natural bacterial colonies

Polymer wool pads polish the water and remove any stubborn pieces of grime whilst a carbon cartridge removes any residue of medicine, taints and odours. All that remains is top quality, good condition pond water, making the best environment for plants and fish

A well maintained pond is a happy pond, and taking care of your Minipond is easy via the hinged lid. Simply clean the media in old pond water to retain the bacterial cultures

The unique six stage filter process has been specifically created to provide a beautifully clear and healthy pond with a minimum maintenance

• Low maintenance and easy to clean
• Unique six stage filter design using graded foam filter pads remove dirt and waste
• Bio-media and polymer carbon cartridge
• Hinged lid allows easy access for cleaning
• High performance 5w UVC bulb clears green water algae
• Internal spray bar oxygenates water creating the ideal environment for friendly bacteria
• Ceramic biological filter media prevents the build up of harmful toxins in the pond
• Replaceable polymer wool pads removes fine waste particles and polishes the water
• Carbon impregnated pad removes chemical pollutants
• 3 Year UK Guarantee
• A rubberised electrical cable is fitted, please note the cable is not fitted with a plug as this contravenes UK electrical regulations, and to be connected to a power supply through a residual current device (RCD)

• Maximum Flow Rate of: 2550 Litres per hour (557 gallons per hour)
• Maximum Pond Size: 9000 Litres
• Inlet Pipe Size: 1/2", 3/4" & 1" Stepped Hosetail
• Outlet Pipe Size: 1 1/2"
• IP Rating: IP56
• Weight: 6.38 kgs
• Blagdon Product Code: 1010528

Please note a separate pump (not supplied) is required to push water through this box filter
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Blagdon Midipond 9000 Filter with 5w UVC - In Stock

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