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Blagdon Electronic Blanket Weed Controller

The Blagdon Electronic Blanketweed Controller

Clear algae from your pond using a Blagdon Blanket Weed controller. An electronic device, it is safe to use around your fish and helps destroy blanket weed infestations quicker than most biological treatments

The electronic Blanket Weed Controller from pond experts Blagdon is simple to install yet highly effective

Using an electronic multi frequency processor, the calcium ions in the water are continually interrupted. This displacement causes blanket weed to weaken and break down, clearing your garden pond. It is harmless to aquatic life forms including plants and pond fish

Quick to install, this sturdy, weatherproof unit can be left in situ to work all year round. It is of course especially useful in the summer months when algae is rife

It is suitable for ponds up to 23,000 litres in size, which makes it the ideal addition to any garden pond big or small. Running at just 1.6watts, it uses very little energy, saving money and energy

The controller can be wall or post mounted a bracket is included


• For long lasting effective control of blanket weed
• Multi frequency processor ensures continued control
• Very low running costs
• Flashing active frequency generation lights
• Easy to install
• Integrated wall or post mounting bracket & fixings are supplied
• Robust and weatherproof
• Comes with 3m of cable
• 2 year guarantee
• Instruction Guide

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Blagdon Electronic Blanket Weed Controller 1040252 - In Stock

Price: 54.95 (Including VAT at 20%)