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Arcadia T5 Fluorescent i-Bar Light Bar, Tube & Reflector Kit Complete for Marine or Freshwater Tanks

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The Arcadia i-Bar for Marine or Freshwater tanks and aquariums

The Arcadia i-Bar mounts directly to the aquarium rim or screws into an existing hood of a cabinet style aquarium, supplied complete with Marine Lux T5 Fluorescent Tubes.

• Designed to fit most popular aquariums with access panels.
• Waterproof unit to IP67.
• Telescopic ends for variations in tank length.
• High efficiency electronic integral T5 ballast.
• Uses 2 x Supplied T5 Tubes, 24w, 39w or 54w in either White, Blue or one of each, the choice is yours
• Supplied also with a pair of clip on T5 polished reflectors to focus the light into the aquarium to maximise performance and minimise glare. T5 Reflectors Here

A convenient way to mount two T5 fluorescent tubes over an aquarium, the i-Bar is available in a range of sizes from 700mm through to 1500mm and due to its lockable telescopic end brackets can be adjusted to fit other sizes.

The i-Bar rests directly onto the glass rim of the tank, resulting in the two tubes running the length of the tank, a reflector of suitable size can then be attached onto each lamp in order to focus the light into the aquarium and so maximise its performance and eliminate glare.

Some commercially available aquariums use a rigid central baton and two plastic access panels in order to give an aquarium with a flat closed top surface, the i-Bar can be used to replace the central portion of such tanks and it will hold the access panels securely, the fit to the edges of the tank will be unaffected, this feature is useful when wishing to replace originally supplied T8 tubes for T5 tubes into such tanks.

The i-Bar is telescopic to fit on tanks between the following sizes;-

• Model AI125 between 670mm and 775mm. Uses 2 x 24w T5 Tubes
• Model AI225 between 770mm and 875mm. Uses 2 x 24w T5 Tubes
• Model AI325 between 870mm and 975mm. Uses 2 x 24w T5 Tubes
• Model AI425 between 970mm and 1075mm. Uses 2 x 39w T5 Tubes
• Model AI525 between 1170mm and 1275mm. Uses 2 x 39w T5 Tubes
• Model AI625 between 1270mm and 1375mm. Uses 2 x 54w T5 Tubes
• Model AI725 between 1470mm and 1575mm. Uses 2 x 54w T5 Tubes

In stock for next working day delivery

Arcadia i-Bar AI125 700mm 2 x 24w - In Stock

Price: 89.97 (Including VAT at 20%)

Arcadia i-Bar A1225 800mm 2 x 24w - In Stock

Price: 95.97 (Including VAT at 20%)

Arcadia i-Bar AI325 900mm 2 x 24w - In Stock

Price: 99.97 (Including VAT at 20%)

Arcadia i-Bar AI425 1000mm 2 x 39w - In Stock

Price: 104.97 (Including VAT at 20%)

Arcadia i-Bar AI525 1200mm 2 x 39w - In Stock

Price: 109.97 (Including VAT at 20%)

Arcadia i-Bar AI625 1300mm 2 x 54w - In Stock

Price: 115.97 (Including VAT at 20%)

Arcadia i-Bar AI725 1500mm 2 x 54w - In Stock

Price: 124.97 (Including VAT at 20%)

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