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Arcadia 150w & 250w Double Ended Metal Halide Marine Lamps Bulbs150w 250w Rx7s Fc2 E40 DE SE

Arcadia 2 Lamp Pic

150w Pic

Arcadia 150w Double Ended Halide Lamps for 150w Rx7s Lampholders.

250w Pic

Arcadia 250w Double Ended Halide Lamps for 250w Fc2 Lampholders.

Arcadia Metal Halide Lamps

Arcadia Metal Halide lamps provide extremely high light levels from a compact source. The design of the lamp means that the light is emitted from a single point, which creates a rippling effect through the water that is impossible to achieve with fluorescent lamps.

Metal halide is commonly accepted as the best substitute for nature when it comes to aquarium lighting. The exceptionally high light output when compared to other lamp types such as fluorescent tubes, makes them a very effective light source, particularly for the larger tank set-up.

The 14,000K lamps have a very clear and crisp light, with excellent colour rendition, resulting in a very natural looking light replicating shallow ocean light conditions.

The 20,000k lamps are a deep blue light with 420nm actinic peak for marine aquariums.

Available in:
5,200k (kelvin) White freshwater lamp.
14,000k (kelvin) White with a tinge of Blue.
20,000k (kelvin) Blue.

Stock Availability:
2 Kelvin Options. 5,2000, 14,000k, & 20,000k.
150w, & 250w. Ex Stock.

R.R.P. 150w 5,200k £44.49.
R.R.P. 150w 14,000k £60.99.
R.R.P. 150w 20,000k £77.99.
R.R.P. 250w 14,000k £81.49.

In stock for next working day delivery

Arcadia 150w 20000k Double Ended Rx7s Halide Lamp - In Stock

Price: 55.95 (Including VAT at 20%)