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ATI Zeolith Plus

ATI Zeolith Plus 5000ml

ATI Zeolith Plus Filter Media
ATI Zeolith Plus filter media is a highly absorptive, micro-porous rock capable of absorbing harmful ammonia and other nitrogenous compounds.

Zeolith Plus is a natural, pure zeolite with a high concentration of clinoptilolite that will not release adsorbed toxic substances back into the water, with no added chemicals or coloring and is saltwater safe.

Reduces Tank Nutrients :
Removes ammonium and ammonia, which in turn decreases the formation of nitrite and nitrate.

Helps Prevent Algae :
Reduced nutrients helps prevent algae formation.

Improves Coral Health :
The reduction of biologic nutrients leads to increased coral growth, better polyp extension and enhanced coral colours.
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ATI Zeolith Plus 5000ml - In Stock

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