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ATI Easy Vital Water Conditioner

ATI Easy Vital Pic

ATI Easy Vital Water Conditioner

ATI Easy Vital water conditioner is a 100% natural, highly active clay mineral designed to condition and clarify aquarium water by removing harmful organic waste and bacteria.

It does not contain any enzymes, bacteria or chemicals and is virtually harmless to an aquarium, even if it is accidentally overdosed.

Clarifies Water:

Removes organics, phenols and other waste to significantly reduce the dirty, yellow coloration of the water.

Reduces Tank Nutrients:
Removes ammonium and ammonia, which in turn decreases the formation of nitrite and nitrate, removes chlorine, heavy metals, copper, zinc, cadmium, arrearages of drugs, and many other toxins.

Reduces Infection:
Helps prevent bacterial infections by reducing the amount of harmful bacteria in the water.

Helps Prevent Algae:
The reduction of nutrients helps to prevent algae formation.

Improves Coral Health:
The reduction of biologic retardants leads to increased coral growth and better polyp extension.
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ATI Easy Vital 250ml - 180g - In Stock

Price: 21.41 (Including VAT at 20%)

ATI Easy Vital 500ml - 400g - In Stock

Price: 35.76 (Including VAT at 20%)