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ATI Straton All LED Pendant

The new for 2020 ATI Straton LED 220 watt LED Pendant

"The next-generation of LED luminaire"

The advantages of large area lighting are already known from the proven T5 technology

The larger the area of light above the aquarium, the lower the self shadowing of corals

This improves the energy produced and the coloration of corals

The Straton LED Pendant has a very large light area of 400mm x 400mm and therefore achieves a larger uniform light distribution

7 separately controllable color channels and three independently controllable sections offer the best customization options

Pre programmed light colors, based on ATI proven T5 light colors ensure an immediate operation from first turn on

• LED pendant light
• 153 Led's
• incl. hanging kit
• Passively cooled
• MW MeanWell ELG 240 240A 3Y High Quality LED Driver
• Aluminum housing, top and side without screws
• Intelligent" prismatic plate directs the light down
• Instruction Manual Supplied
{Dimension & Light Spread}

• 47cm wide x 47 cm deep x approx. 1.2 cm high
• Illumination area of 70 x 70 cm

• 7 channels separately dimmable
• 3 Separate sections
• 18 x UV (405 nm)
• 18 x Violet (420 nm)
• 18 x RB (Royal Blue) 450 nm
• 36 x Blue (470 nm)
• 18 x LC (cyan) 500 nm
• 36 x W (White)
• 9 x R (Red)

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ATI 2020 Straton All LED Pendant - In Stock

Price: 727.19 (Including VAT at 20%)